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The Firm and Tim will offer the personal and professional attention you acquire, all the while maintaining and respecting your privacy and treating your transaction with the utmost integrity.

CoastHomesTim is clearly passionate for his client’s best interest, and his client’s satisfaction and financial Real Estate goals are paramount. Most often, Tim is praised for his dedication, enthusiasm, integrity and unwavering loyalty to his clients. Tim’s business affiliates, contacts and friends also acclaim that he has a warm and welcoming personality and he makes his business affiliates, contacts feel comfortable and at ease. Tim’s professional knowledge, education, and skills that he has developed enable Tim to navigate buyers and sellers seamlessly through the buying and/or selling process.

Tim is also involved in a local Non-Profit Private Foundation 501(C)3 in San Luis Obispo County. Specifically one that benefits for at-risk adolescent males. Op C.O.Y (Operation Coaching Our Youth) is a residential camp that uses sports as a platform and teaching tool to equip at-risk adolescent males with the tools to lead productive lives. Our goal is to teach young men to navigate their environments and set a positive course for their lives.
Learn more: www.OpCoy.org

Where Discriminating Clientele Find Majestic Central Coast Homes

Connect with Tim today to begin viewing the finest properties that meet your needs or goals, wherever you choose to call home.Whether you are searching for a primary, second or vacation home, rely on the expertise of Tim and the resources of Robasciotti, Wagner & O’Connor Real Estate to ensure that you get the most out of your real estate investment.

I personally want to say thank you for visiting my website and that your visit is a warm welcoming!

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